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Date: 05/27/02

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Dear LO Friends,

I was first introduced to the McKinsey 7-S model through the American
Society for Training and Development (ASTD) as an element of a course
called "Transitioning to Human Performance Improvement." JoAnne Pitera was
the instructor and she gave us the following reference (I have not been
able to locate a copy): "Structure is Not Organization," Robert Waterman,
Business Horizons, 1980.

In practice, she actually taught a 10-S Model with 3 additional elements
that were (we were told) added my Steven Covey because of perceived
shortcomings in the 7-S model relative to its internal focus. The 10-S
model elements are: Shared Vision & Values, Strategy, *Streams, Structure,
Staff, Systems, Skills, Style, *Self, and *Society. (*added elements)

I have successfully used the 10-S framework on several OD design projects
as both an external and internal consultant as a facilitative tool in our
current state analysis and future state design discussions. Without an
organizational model, these discussions tend toward a narrow focus on the
problems of the day. With a model, I have found that the discussions can
be lead to explore a broader range of organizational topics and the work
products tend to be more complete. However, I have also found that the
more structured thinkers in the room tend to see the model as
"touchy-feely" which I find rather ironic. We usually get past this once
the brainstorming begins and the theoretical fades away to become more
real and relevant to their world.

I do hope this helps and I wish you well in your doctoral studies.

Gerald Burch
Engelhard Corporation
Attapulgus, GA

Shadrack Lepuru wrote:
> The McKinsey's 7-S framework has been praised and applied widely mostly
> about its effectiveness in strategy alignment. However, some critics state
> that it is inwardly focussed. I believe it is not and that organizational
> planning start from within the company and implementation is external. The
> 7-Ss if viewed holistically and with deeper understanding meet the
> requirements of internal and external alignment. Having said this, I would
> like to know what are areas of further research on the McKinsey's 7-S
> framwork, mostly if one want to do a doctoral research. The topic is aimed
> at being generically focussed, of course, one can also explore the case
> approach as a doctoral research problem. Can anyone help me on the areas
> of further research on organizational strategy formulation,
> implementation, evaluation, etc using the McKinsey's 7-S framework.
> Relevant case studiesand reading material will also be appreciated.


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