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From: Minnigh (
Date: 05/27/02

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Dear LO'ers, dear At,

Your concerns of poverty in general and the family in the caravan as
concrete example have moved me. Also the contributions of other members
were heart warming. I think we all are desparate looking for something to
harmonise this world. And I agree with you that the best thing to do is
giving all our attention to the minds of people. If the mind is ok, the
rest is consequently ok.

I have thought much of things and suggestions that i could put forward for
this family and probably for larger communities living in the bidon
villes, favela's or whatever they are called in S Africa, or else in the
world. And I connected my thoughts with experiences I had 20 years ago in
NE Brazil, also a poor area, especially the dry interior.

It was your mention of one of the sons, being a carpenter which triggers a
idea. Apparently this boy likes to work with his hands. If I also keep in
mind one of the sustainers of creativity - art expressing, the spark
developed within me.

At, is it an idea to suggest this boy that he could start making objects
of art from material which he could find in his direct surroundings -
litter, waste, metal, wood, paper, tins, etc. I know from Brazil several
boys who were masters in making toys of waste tins - small automobiles,
models of moving swinging mills of attraction parks, etc. Particularly
things that move (driven by the action of wind) are fascinating. The Swiss
artist Jean Tanguily became famous with his moving objects. Probably this
boy will find a lot of satisfaction in creating (moving) objects (whether
art or not doesn't matter). If he is motivated, he will never loose
patience and persistency. And I am sure that in the future people become
attracted by his activities. And maybe, but that is not the goal, he could
even sell some of his objects. And maybe some other boys from the
neighbourhood start helping him and a small artist community will start.

Possibly, if he will find purpose for his life and mental satisfaction,
his mother and brothers and sisters will become happy (mentally rich) too.

Leo Minnigh


Minnigh <>

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