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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 05/27/02

Replying to LO28613 --

There are here in the Northeast of our country not an insignificant number
of people like me who look upon "the American" as being generally ignorant
about a great many issues concerning their intensely wonderful and
paradoxical land.

Clearly we love our big, big cars. Our government simply can't restrict
our right to enjoy more and more and more, all the while consuming greater
amounts of finite resources than most any other quarter of the world's
homo sapiens. such a simple, stupid, continual plaint on the part of
tree-hugging, granola-eating trouble makers.

Such low turnout for national elections. Hey, we have it all, right? Why

Doesn't the president personally take care of all those senate things in
Washington? I mean, sure, he doesn't do it all by himself, he has all
those aides and people like I see on television on West Wing who help make
us great. We're great, right?

The U.S. is such a complicated Learning Organism. The sublime is surely
mixed with the ridiculous, and from this admixture come both sweet aroma
and foul stench.

In my estimation, the allure of this country is a notion, not unfounded,
of significant opportunity for most people. Constitutional rights walk the
line between openness, and required restrictions whose tone in any moment
is set by the DYNAMICS of the group.

My feeling is that as our American human population grows believing that
the planet is its birthright to the exclusion IN ANY GIVEN MOMENT OF
COMFORT/ENJOYMENT of other living things, we will dumb down our species on
a course for extinction, one way or another. Mother Earth will see to

In recent years, I have grown somewhat downhearted about our prospects,
which is why I stick with this list of contributors to read about
equations, theories, experiences, personal credo, gifts of wisdom and
light amidst general shadow.

It's Memorial Day today in my country. We humans select memory. What we as
animals filter into our equation of presence demonstrates that our very
animal nature remains in part an obstacle to learning AND APPLYING lessons
accumulated and documented under the broad heading of Spirit. OK. We don't
have medieval torture. Wait, that's wrong. OK, we don't hack each other to
pieces over issues which are best settled through discourse. No, that's
not right, either. We don't blindly believe in 'isms' that move vast
groups of humans in tight, narrow directions to the exclusion of a more
encompassing Humanity. Well, I guess that's not right either. I know! We
grow our Hope in different window pots, those of us who have windows.
Maybe that's it.




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