Fishing Trips;-) LO28613

Date: 05/26/02

Replying to Ben's LO28599

Simply then,

'Personal mastery is to connect the patterns within you with the patterns
outside you.' A.M. de Lange

>From the Sublime to the Ridiculous ;-) "I will not change. When you are
successful and you change, you are an idiot."
Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Independent on Sunday May 26th 2002)

World Economic Problems? LO19451

"I can't help but point out how ignorant most Americans are about
economics. This ignorance has been revealed in recent polls, where people
say "Look what the president has done for the economy." The inference is
that. . .the President is responsible for the condition of the economy.
Duh? What about the Federal Reserve, legislation passed by congress, and
laws enacted and enforced at the state and local level? Then add to it the
interplay between our economy and those of other nations, and you end up
with such an intensely interconnected entity -- the economy -- that you
can't really blame or credit any one person with its condition! "




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