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Date: 05/27/02

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Dear Organlearners.

Andrew Campbell < > writes
upon my comment:

>> Thank you Andrew for your input. Throught it one
>> thing is beginning to become clear to me -- the lack
>> of art in the lives of this family and thousands of others
>> like them. Where there is art, there is life.
>Thank you for your feed-back to me At;-)
>I will send them eight pieces of card, reproductions
>of the four pictures from Ilse-Marie and four from me
>to put around the caravan. If it gets really cold they
>can use them to kindle a fire.

Greetings dear Andrew,

Thank you.

I was thinking of something else. We also had to help another family
almost in the same kind of dispair for almost two years. (See my reply to
Leroy Ang).

Sometimes the husband would get a temporary job for a couple of weeks,
only to be cheated out of some salary at the end. This cheating of a poor
man out of what is rightfully his, does terrible thing to person's spirit.
The overload on our justice system is such that people like him have no

To earn some money, the man made etchings in the evenings on wood and
leather with a soldering iron. I wish you could see how artistic this man
is. But few people wanted to buy them and when they did, they wanted it
for next to nothing. Often it did not even pay for the wood or leather.

Now, only afterwards and having to struggle with a new case, I began to
remember that each time when he completed an etching, he seemed to be more
in a smiling mood, despite knowing that he would be taken advantage of. It
was his art which kept him on going until he found a permanent job again.

With care and best wishes


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