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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 05/28/02

Dear LO'ers,

I published an article in the spring issue of the CQM Journal (Volume 11,
Number 1) titled:

 "Managing Decision Risk--the ARMED Decision Process"

Since tacit knowledge is difficult to collect (we expend many words at our
LO site directed at increasing knowledge sharing), important decisions are
made based upon gut feel, leaving people unconvinced. The ARMED process
(Accelerated Rational Method for Effective Decision-making) addresses a
need to reduce risk of unexpected consequences or analysis paralysis when
an organization is faced with an explosion of information which must be
processed in a relatively compressed business time period.

Incorporated into this process are several tools: Frames and Lenses as
developed by the Center for Quality of Management (CQM); Causal Loop
Diagramming; and the Pugh Matrix.

I was fortunate to be part of the Study Group who created this process.
Among us were participants from Harvard Business School, the U.S. Navy
Underwater Warfare Center, Babson College, Haemonetics Corporation and the

I trust it will stimulate our thinking.

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