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From: Terry Priebe (terryp@dca.net)
Date: 07/03/02

Replying to LO28766 --

Dear At and LOers,

At, you wrote July 1st:

" Many years ago i wrote a contribution to the LO dialogue (i think it was
in an introduction to the 7Es) in which i connected the motivation for
learning with the free energy available for learning. I still think the
same. NATURAL Learning has a free energy landscape to it.which is promoted
best under conditions for "spontaneous, irreversible self-organisation".
But we have to bear in mind that when a learner wants to jump several free
energy valleys, they will contract into one valey with a major barrier
upon it. There is nothing so devastating to motivavtion when a child keeps
on crashing into the same barrier when trying to learn something which is
too complex for his knowing at that stage. "

This is the kind of contribution that brings together experiences,
concerns, and aspirations. It caused me to rethink about "spontaneous,
irreversible self-organisation" and do a Google search on the string. I
know we've been over and over this before, but Prigogine, et al, had a
much greater impact this time 'round. Thank you, At, for your persistence

I would like to modify your last sentence, replacing "a child" (which is
of course true) with "a person". And one could expand to use "a group of
people" or "an organization"... whatever fits the occasion.

Do I detect here and elsewhere more hope for the system / child
relationship than for the non-child?

Best Regards,


Terry Priebe

Decision Support Associates


"Terry Priebe" <terryp@dca.net>

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