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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 07/06/02

Replying to LO28777 --

Dear Terry and LO,

Terry wrote,

"This is the kind of contribution that brings together experiences,
concerns, and aspirations. It caused me to rethink about "spontaneous,
irreversible self-organisation" and do a Google search on the string. I
know we've been over and over this before, but Prigogine, et al, had a
much greater impact this time 'round. Thank you, At, for your persistence

I would like to modify your last sentence, replacing "a child" (which is
of course true) with "a person". And one could expand to use "a group of
people" or "an organization"... whatever fits the occasion. Do I detect
here and elsewhere more hope for the system / child relationship than for
the non-child? "

After your suggestion was personified Terry ;-) I typed in to Google's
search engine "spontaneous", "irreversible", "self-organization" (plus)

As a result I got some interesting (in the sense if "inter"-"est")
ideas... one of these ideas was ... to write to Ilya Prigogine at Texas -
I wanted to share/show him an exemplar or two of how 'ordinary' people
exhibit these qualities as nested hierarchies ;-)... you may know that it
was greeted in the front office in the affirmative. If I think that his
thoughts, if I get any of them, would be beneficial to the LO prospect
I'll share them. But I have to resign myself in advance to the idea that
poemagogic images may not count as irreversible, spontaneous self



Andrew Campbell



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