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Date: 07/06/02

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Dear At and LO,

SNIP to ending...

> Dwig, i want to stress that the creativity which i have in mind as the
> "umlomo" is not the usual "run-of-the-mill" stuff sold as treasure maps. I
> also want to stress that it is how it is now with me. It need not to be
> like that forever because i am still living within these two flows ;-) It
> also may may be different to you and for any other fellow learner. Thus I
> eagerly want to study the articulations of your tacit knowing and that of
> fellow learners to learn how it is with you.
> Andrew, I wonder how much you have become aware of the flows
> of "learning" and "making art" complements each other.

- it is the ultimate aim of science to demostrate from a single grain of
sand the 'mechanics of the whole universe'. Laplace.

At, your phrase above;-) "living within these two flows." I wonder if that
is complemetary to and much like the "interlacing of the two planes" that
Koestler refers to?

Authentic learning and authentic art seem to me to be such. In the nowness it
is quite impractical to untangle them, like an Orborus they seem intent on
chasing round and round, such a chasing seems to create a vortex, this then
lifting up simple things and complexifying them in a kind;-) of
transfigurating way. That seems as good a description of anything to me that
is Fine Art, from a Michelangelo Pieta in the MVSEI FIRENZE to a Starry Night
by Vincent as far as I can see. Of course, manifestations of 'singuplexity'
means that everyone says, writes, paints, sculpts, plays it differently,
bringing diversity. - I heard a lovely quote that I have to find and then
send on to Peter Beamish and his CETA team at Trinity Bay, from Romeo and
Juliet. " There are many hours in every minute..."
Koestler quoting Yeats, rebounding from an encounter with Wil' Blake ,
'She thinks, part women, three parts a child,
That nobody looks; her feet
Practice a tinker's shuffle
Picked up on the street.
Like a long legged fly upon the stream
Her mind moves upon silence.'

- Well, At and LO, that's probably all a bit hi(gh)f'alutin(g)...I was
going to write about the experiences of Paul Klee the great da Vinci of
20th century art and pedagogy...but I no longer have such energy flows at
my disposal. Transfigured for NOW. (Mmmmm... that needs open space for the
setting/sitting down of)...


I commend anyone on the LO to read the section titled The Tightrope - The
Belly of the Whale - in the book, The Act of Creation by Koestler when
they have an opportunity. It talks about movements between the Tragic
Plane and the Trivial Plane. That is our special province, is it knot,
dear At?

I have some Fine Art examples of such tightrope walking in action as
exemplified in works of art that speak very eloquently without words of
what it might be like inside<>outside 'Like a long legged fly upon the
stream - ..."

Love and best wishes,


Andrew Campbell



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