Creative Clusters Summit LO28802 -Conf Nov 02 Sheffield UK

From: Editor - Creative Clusters (
Date: 07/08/02

The Creative Clusters Summit Conference will bring together hundreds of
creative industry development experts from across the globe. If you'd like
to learn more about assisting creative enterprises in your community, you
should be there too!

Creative Clusters will include keynote addresses from major players, a
host of best-practice case studies, project visits and policy debate. You
can find out more at Creative Clusters Online,, where you can:

Learn about creative industry development.

Download free development resources.

Check out the conference programme.

Join the Creative Clusters network.

Find out who is attending the conference.

Make suggestions about the conference agenda.

Contribute material to the conference programme.

Register to attend the conference.

...and more.

The Creative Clusters Conference runs 20th - 23rd November 2002, in
Sheffield, UK. Please visit

Warm regards,
Simon Evans
Conference Director

ps Please accept my apology if this information is not relevant to you.


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