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From: ahsfamily (
Date: 07/09/02

Dear fellow readers

During today's class Steve came out with this fabulous new tool to explain
the ingredients one should look for when trying to identify a learning
organization. Incidentally it also forms an acronym that's easy to
remember. Here it goes: (partial copy)

Superior performance
Energized workforce
To improve quality

Ongoing change management

We want to
Need a competitive advantage

Although we were running out of time I was wondering how these thoughts
and words would apply to the .com phenomenon. I would like to add
"financial/fiscal responsibility", but that would destroy the flow.
Seriously, I believe that many .com companies tried to be ideal learning
organizations and succeeded to a certain extent. One of the major flaws
seemed to be that they neglected many of the basic business principles
when it came to products, earnings, finances and profit. What do the
people in this forum think about this train of thought and the
relationship to the .com demise?

Axel Meierhoefer


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