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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 07/09/02

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Dear CoI's, Connectors of Intelligence,

I do not know of any metaphysical basis for a Learning Organization; The
Fifth Discipline seems to be to be a meta-praxis: a theory how to employ
different models, concepts and practices. That is why it probably has a
Fieldbook. LO doesn't offer any new theory or practice - at least not that
i've noted -, only a label, a trade mark, a banner, a flag.

Two things seem to be missing from the LO-set: a process model and a
reference model. The latter thing - in my view - that is lacking, a
(meta-)model for ease of reference: when to use what intervention offered
by the Fifth Discipline. For instance, when do I apply "Team Learning"
best? or can I use "Visioning" now? or Where do I put in "Systems
Thinking"? etc. The meta-model for this has been presented by Will

The first, a process-model that also explains why we cannot "solve" the
problems of organizing once and for all, is offered by "Paradoxes in Group
Life", by Smith and Berg.

Organizing was, is and will be our preferred strategy for survival - we've
become so successful that we're now our own worst threat for survival -
and we've done this by learning, a new kind evolving, intentional
evolving. We're facing the ultimate test now: re-inventing organizing.

Perhaps this helped, perhaps not,


Terry Priebe wrote:

> Some discussions over the past few days with Andrew Campbell sparked a
> somewhat different thought, let me offer:
> "Connective Intelligence" as the basis.


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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