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From: Jan Lelie (
Date: 07/10/02

Replying to LO28809 --

Hello Terri, dear pendecers,

There are different types of governance, leadership required in every
situation. In our little family, there is no democracy for the children -
although we have freedom of expression as long as you think about the
neighbours. In small teams 5 to 15 people, a kind of self-management seems
possible without having to resort to democratic voting. In groups of upto
150 (take or leave few dozens) this process can be used also, although it
can take up some time. So with important decision, the whole group gets
involved; with not-so important decision, a committe of five is ideal.

The problem of scale start at about 150. There we need institutions,
functionalisations, representations, management and what have you. For
important decision a series of meetings is needed for approval. However,
because most of us assume that we're still in a survival situation, life
threatening, no one takes the time to involve all in a structured
dialogue. We'll grow over it.

In unimportant situations, like in large companies, most of the decision
making can be done fairly quickly by functional managers and / or project
organisations. The biggest issue, as i see things, is that most of the
time these decision making processes are not aimed at further developing
and supporting the members of an organisation.

Individuation is related to the individual. Interdependece to the group.
What would be a word describing the maturation, development, growth of
groups and their individuals? Interdividuation? Or Interindividuation?
Codividuation? Coindividualtion? Diaviduation? Companuation? Or just a
sign without a word: (-: :-)

;-) Jan wrote:

> I love living in the US. But . . . Given our (sorry -- the U.S.) espoused
> love of democracy and democratic ideals, isn't it interesting how little we
> actually see of democracy (e.g., within our workplaces and perhaps most of
> our major institutions)?
> I like the idea of creating a Declaration of Interdependence (or to borrow
> from Jung, perhaps Individuation is the better term?).
> Terri


With kind regards - met vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Lelie

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