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From: Glebe Stcherbina (
Date: 07/16/02

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Dear Benjamin & fellow Orglearners

Thank you for this article, it has provided an additional insight into
"Best Practice and Corporate Failures".

Whilst your original reward idea had some merit, I did see one flaw (even
before reading the New Yorker article) and that is, there are individuals
in organizations which have talent, organizational skills and intelligence
but lack a power base and supporting network. Thus the stronger tend to
use their power to manipulate those without a power base but nevertheless
still contribute to the success of the stronger group who are rewarded for
their perceived efforts.

Gaining and using "Power and control" is one of many games played in
organizations and unfortunately companies reward those who play the game
best rather than those who actually possess the talent and provide the

Some of the issues at Enron could be the "tip of the ice burg" and I
sincerely hope, given the latest share price falls on International
markets, that Corporates around the world are not on the same course which
lead to the sinking of the Titanic early last century.

Thank you and kind regards,

Glebe Stcherbina
Sydney, Australia

Benjamin Compton wrote:

> Four or five years ago I was an active participant on this list. I stopped
> participating because of unexpected changes in my life, and I simply
> didn't have the time to contribute or to read each message. (I have
> re-subscribed and read each message, although I don't have as much to say
> as I once did. . .) Just before I unsubscribed, I had a number of
> conversations with those on the list about how to reward the best
> performers. I was in favor of a formal ranking system, where people were
> grouped in thirds based on their performance. The top third was to be
> given the highest pay raises/bonuses, the middle third was reward but less
> generously, and the bottom third was told they'd better not be in the same
> position at the next evaluation or they'd be asked to leave.


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