Individual Competence vs. Organizational Efficiency LO28852

From: Madankumar (
Date: 07/16/02

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Brilliant article. Thanks !!


Ps:- I joined this group couple of months back and find the discussions
here very stimulating. Hope to pitch in my 2 cents someday.

[Host's Note: Welcome, Madan! ..Rick]

--- Benjamin Compton <> wrote:
> Today, a friend sent me this article in e-mail:
> As I read it, I found myself agreeing with the first
> part, stunned by the
> middle, and finally accepting the article as the
> best explanation of why
> my thinking is flawed that I've come across. In
> fact, it has convinced me
> to think through my beliefs on this matter even more
> carefully. ...


Madankumar <>

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