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From: Don Dwiggins (
Date: 07/21/02

Replying to LO28857 --

Joe Podolsky offers some references in regards to the "3-tier" rating idea:
> - Deming's principles
> - Alfie Kohn's _Punished by Rewards_
> - Jim Collins' _Good to Great_

> But companies ... and, worse, our education system, persist in ranking
> people. Which reminds me of another book, whose title pounds home its
> message: Jeffrey Pfeffer, Robert I. Sutton: _The Knowing-Doing Gap_

I'd suggest another one, which comes from the experience of the software
industry: "The Deadline: a Novel about Project Management", by Tom
DeMarco. Ben, if I remember rightly, you were involved in that industry,
so there's much there that you can relate to. With regards to your 3 tier
idea, I recommend Chapter 18, about a guy who might well fall into the
lower tiers, but has a strange way of being on successful projects -- in
effect, he's a "team catalyst", which of course few organizations would
have a performance metric for.

(I'd also recommend it as a good read for anyone in a project-oriented
organization of any kind, not just software.)


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