Uncovering the Act of Organisational Learning LO28870 (Part 3).

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 07/22/02

Replying to LO28843 --

Dear At and dear LO,

Note to myself that I just found while rummaging this evening;-)

"You have been studying the late works and statements of Picasso as an
apparently intuitive response to your reading of Varela texts, why do you
think that is? Maybe because there is something in Varela that calls me
with urgency, something both compelling and impelling. Speed of execution
- and note the two ends of the one pole there;-) was for Picasso a defence
against death. He once said, " I have less and less time and I have more
and more to say." I think Varela searched for this 'more to say.' For
Picasso it (speed) became realised by a reduction that is perhaps really
an expansion, to the archetypal figure, that concentrates into essence of
what we have to say."

At, there is a way;-) for five, even seven co-existing 'lines' to occupy
both the same and different space/time though it would take the
imagination of a holographer;-) to see them so arrayed. An artist, but not
an artiste. This LO world is full of artistes.

At present I took a friend or two to a resurrection by some synchronous
way of memory set in marble and glass and sandstone where the new was old.
~~ A brother who had nothing else but a copy of the Gospels sold it to feed
the poor, saying, " I have sold the Word that tells me to sell what I have
to give to the poor."

I have to go find Klee's Angel of History for you to see At. Your
implicate butterfly is, to me, an explicate Angel. What an unfurling;-)

You wrote,

"When we examine figure 4, the absence of such caring deeds is noticeable.
Knowing the relationship between words (information) and deeds (practice)
goes further than formal knowledge into wisdom. For example, more than two
millennia the sage Confucius himself had the following to say upon
formalised religion:-
LY 3:12 "Sacrifice as though present; sacrifice to spirits as though the
spirits were present". The Master said, If I do not take part in the
sacrifice, it is though I did not sacrifice.
Caring deeds become before words, despite how compassionate
these words may seem to be. Caring deeds create events which
through experience give meaning to compassionate words or uncover
them as dishonest window dressing. Thus we have to add these
caring deeds to figure 4 as is depicted in figure 5. Please see:-
Observe how the caring deeds are initiated from the sapient level of
knowing rather than the formal level of knowing from which information is
Initially I tried to draw five straight lines from "sapient knowing" to
"event" on the inside, but they interfered too much with the five straight
lines from "formal knowing" to "information" to give a nice picture. (Try
to do it self and see what a mess the result is.) Thus I had to draw them
on the outside as five curves from "sapient knowing" to "event". In the
end the result has become quite symbolically to me. It is as if these
caring deeds embrace like arms the OL in a LO."





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