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Date: 07/22/02

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Hello Michael --

GE is a very good company, and makes use of some of these ideas without
necessarily labeling them in the same way as Senge and other authors.

Robert Slater's book _The GE Way Fieldbook_ purports to describe the
methods in use at GE... You could examine the methods and consider whether
they are consistent with the org learning ideas.

But, right away there is a slight mis-match... The central idea in the
organizational learning approach is the notion of capacities of different
kind which are developed. Slater's book describes the methods (that is,
WHAT is to be done) and not the development of capacities (how well the
people are able to do it).

Welch, on the other hand, places a lot of emphasis on developing people.
He claims to spend a significant amount of time teaching in the corporate
university and mentoring executives. That notion is very consistent with
the org learning ideas. I'm sure you can find more by researching Welch's
philosophy of management.

Hope this helps. I don't have specifics on GE other than what I've

There have been discussion on the learning-org list about GE... You can
find these by search at, advanced search, search for
"GE" and limit search to the domain

   -=- Rick

>as a student at the university of Konstanz (Germany) I am searching
>for information about General Electrics (Jack Welch) and their use
>of the concepts of "organizational learning".


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