Individual Competence vs. Organizational Efficiency LO28875

From: Edward Hampton (
Date: 07/22/02

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Thank you for sharing this.

It was fascinating and very educational.

Kind wishes

Drive On! 07/16/02 08:56AM wrote;

Four or five years ago I was an active participant on this list. I stopped
participating because of unexpected changes in my life, and I simply
didn't have the time to contribute or to read each message. (I have
re-subscribed and read each message, although I don't have as much to say
as I once did. . .) Just before I unsubscribed, I had a number of
conversations with those on the list about how to reward the best
performers. I was in favor of a formal ranking system, where people were
grouped in thirds based on their performance. The top third was to be
given the highest pay raises/bonuses, the middle third was reward but less
generously, and the bottom third was told they'd better not be in the same
position at the next evaluation or they'd be asked to leave.


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