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From: Peter Westerhof (p.westerhof@lixus.com)
Date: 07/23/02

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From: Craig Wickenberg [mailto:craigwickenberg@hotmail.com]
Sent: zondag 21 juli 2002 18:45

In addition to receiving too much information, my work team also struggles
with the inability to OBTAIN specific information necessary to perform
work functions.

It is claimed that Lotus Notes is a solution for such needs, but I have no
experience to confirm it.

I have however a related problem:
 - ever noticed that you won't find the needed information when you search
for it;
 - that it slaps you in the face when searching for something else?
 - that you often find other interesting - but at that point in time not
relevant - information when not looking for it. Call it serendipity.

Years ago I therefore adopted the habit of saving all
interesting-but-not-relevant documents I find in a digital library on my
hard disk. A sensible tree-structure makes retrieving documents relatively

 I am looking for a freeware tool which enables full text and Bolean
searching in all documents and textformats (including PDF) I like The
Sleuthhound! a lot, it also has a PDF-plugin. However, it is not freeware.

Suggestions anyone?



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