Individual Competence vs. Organizational Efficiency LO28919

Date: 07/28/02

Replying to LO28914 --

Dear LO,
slightly hot textual materials below;-)

>"gut feeling" and do not pay attention to the numbers at all, on the other you
> get people who think they can make decisions from an accounting statement
> or evaluation report alone -- much like the way the stockmarket works.

do I get the impression you don't actually have contact with any stock
exchanges Terje;-) I am constantly informed by the "dodgy dealers" in my
locality who laugh in private about people like Chris, myself and for all
I know you... they work as the market does by something they call
"sentiment". That is why when the concrete aspects of an economy are
'fundamentally' sound the stock market index in London can fall by twenty
per cent in fewer days wiping may pensions of working people into
oblivion. I have always been to impoverished to afford a pension, company
or private so I will work until I drop.

There are people in my locality of thirty and forty who have made so much
money on the broken backs, hopes and dreams of investors, pensioners, the
working people, aka the 'donkeys' of our two world wars and many other
smaller skirmishes that they now laugh from Spain and the South of France
renting out their million pound price inflated properties here financed by
what to my face one called, 'dodgy deals'. CEO's used to send them off
with ex-SAS people to give them that 'cutting edge' they need in the
City...and now they prefer 'lap dancers' because as one CEO said, "They're
worth it". Mmmmmm.

Dear Terje, an enterprising artiste in Sweden I think it was, wired up a
office potted plant and according the electrical activity measured it
bought and sold items on the stock exchange, for the year it outperformed
the index averages, more than perhaps 70% of brokers. Senge once said, I
recall, that one could sack the VP's of companies like Coca-Cola and you'd
not notice any difference in the outputs for five years. This is what self
organizational theory teaches about big systems. We don't need the idiot
leaders any more, we need to find ways to promote the voices of the

I count many of these people in these institutions as rag bags, drug
dealers and pushers, pornographers, thieves, muggers, Mafioso. During the
last twenty years they have purported and generally sucked up to
consultants and authors who themselves have ridden to a semi detached
prominence on the backs of greater men. These 'consultants' rely mainly on
technicians, publisher's researcher teams et al., to mainly write their
books for them, so that Mr. K Cashman for one example uses Dostoevskian
phrases to good effect, relying on a certain ignorance in board rooms to
Russian literature's more authentic place in human resources glorious
march into a uncertain future (sic). One thing I am learning fast and slow
from Prof Prigogine is that slow and fast come and go and come and go and
what's round comes around in terms of time and Time and TIME and NOW it is
time, Time, and TIME again for them to model many of these great men they
purport top be so alike-) and to spend time, Time and TIME in prison, to
become victims themselves, to go to the front lines and to suffer the new
indignities awaiting them. Time Mr. Cashman et al to turn some opaque
people inside out, and to let us see what is inside.


Andrew Campbell
St. Clements


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