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From: Glebe Stcherbina (
Date: 07/30/02

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Dear At and fellow Orglearners,

You have provided an excellent overview to a very complex problem of
global proportions. Yes, Margaret is working on a tight deadline, however,
what lessons have been learnt from previous surprise attacks on nations
e.g. Pearl Harbour, Singapore, Darwin (Australia), Poland and so on. Those
who were attacked by surprise over 60 years ago, should be asking: What
lessons have we learnt from the past?

Whilst the world was then at war and actions were brought about by
sovereign nations against other sovereign nations, the issues are similar
to what I believe that At has identified quite well. You never know when
terrorists will strike initially or strike in the same place again. In
fact, how well do you know your neighbour and how much do you trust your
closest friends or even relatives?

In the former USSR and even today in several parts of the old Soviet
regime, neighbours, friends and families reported each other to the State
Police for suspicious activities. One example which comes to mind was when
a close family friend made a return visit to Russia and provided their
relatives with a gift of new clothes. When a neighbour saw what was being
worn, they contacted the local police to report the people who received
the gift of clothes, thinking that they were involved in criminal
activities or they may have been jealous. Fortunately our family friend
was able to explain to the police that the clothes were a gift that they
brought over from Australia to their family and not the proceeds of
criminal activities. It pays to be alert. Other nations probably have
similar schemes, here in Australia, we have Crime Stoppers and other
whistle blowing hotlines.

The point is, every citizen or resident in countries throughout the world
should become a little more vigilant in what is happening in their part of
the world. It is up to each nation to educate its own people on how to
deal and report on terrorist activities but international cooperation is
required to share information and even sensitive military intelligence
reports so that terrorist attacks could be minimized.

There is no quick fix solution to this problem but I wonder who else is
reading these posts. Should projects similar to Margaret's be posted on
lists such as ours which could alert those who wish to do harm to others
or should groups such as ours continue to express our views so others are
put on notice that the world is watching out for them?

What are your thoughts?

Kind regards and may the force be with you.
Glebe Stcherbina
Sydney Australia

AM de Lange wrote:

> I can understand that you are under a short deadline so that your
> timeframe is urgent. But please think about this as an experience in what
> will come -- when a terrorist strikes, the deadline is up, all involved
> have to act with lightning speed and no blunders can be afforded.


Glebe Stcherbina <>

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