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From: Wirth, Ross (RWIRTH@citgo.com)
Date: 09/03/02

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Let me add one very similar to Alan's.

Business is knowledgeable acceptance of risk. If you have a culture that
avoids risk as its prime directive, you have a company that is going out
of business.

I wrote this after being requested to do additional analysis that would
not alter the inevitable decision in either direction. I likened the
situation to where everyone knew we had to walk West, only we didn't know
how far. All other directions had been eliminated and West was the only
possible direction and staying where we were was not an option. However,
this particular manager wanted to know how far we needed to walk before
agreeing to start the walk. The fact that the proper distance would
become obvious once we started walking and got closer did not sufficiently
eliminate the risk of not knowing how far we needed to go. After a great
deal of delay, some guesses were prepared and the journey finally started.

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>From: Alan Cotterell [mailto:acotrel@cnl.com.au]

>Another rule:

>Life without risk is no life, however we should always try to minimise
>the risk to a level tolerable to all stakeholders.


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