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From: DidacticRa@aol.com
Date: 09/03/02

Hi, Rick

I am a new member of your list so I am not sure what posting requirements
are, but I hope that you will post the Call for Papers pasted in below.


Erwin (didacticra@aol.com)


Please forgive any cross-posting

CALL FOR PAPERS for a special edition of Emerald's journal Management
Decisions which will focus on various aspects of leadership decisions. The
specific topic areas will depend, to some extent, on the views of the group
who receives this message. Some of the areas might be
- Quality criteria for leadership decisions,
- Ethical considerations in leadership decisions,
- The role of intuition,
- Gender influences on leadership deciions,
- Social influences on leadership decisions,
- Distinguishing leadership decision considerations from management decision
- etc.

Submission deadline is not until mid 2003 but expressions of interest are
needed as soon as possible, but certainly before October 31, 2002.

If you will submit a manuscript or volunteer to be a reviewer, it will be
a pleasure to work with you. Also, if you know others who might be
interested, please let them know.

For author guidelines and more information, please contact Erwin (Rausch),
Guest Editor, at erausch@kean.edu AND at didacticra@aol.com



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