A register of system rules LO29129

From: Chris Macrae (wcbn007@easynet.co.uk)
Date: 09/06/02

Replying to LO29117 --

> I suggest you might be locked into the old authoritarian paradigm, and I'm
> not convinced we need 'rules'.

Nuts, Alan!. Why do you suggest this??. One uses an old language to open
minds. The loop that interests me is to call it rules for command and
controllers who are impressed by such and clues for those who prefer to
learn until we are all self-confident organsiations; but use the loop that
both flow into each other in any system that must change: a good
contextual clue becomes a wide enough rule for power-leaders to want to
commonalise it gets reconverted back into a clue by the centre of its
commune of practice who really understood it, and so we can evolve.

chris macrae (I prefer to be questioned rather than construed...)


"Chris Macrae" <wcbn007@easynet.co.uk>

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