what is a learning organisation LO29128

From: James S L Yong NCS (jslyong@ncs.com.sg)
Date: 09/06/02

Replying to LO29119 --


For the first question "what is a learning organisation?", you should look
up the writings of Peter Senge (eg The Fifth Discipline) where it's fully

On the second part "can IS/IT help?", my view is that technology is simply
an enabler. The key cultural and social components eg. trust, willingness
to share, empathy etc. must be present or else there will be no learning
organisation. But once people are willing to learn together and strive to
achieve shared vision, then IS/IT tools can help them attain this more
easily, eg. KM systems, e-Learning, CRM etc.

 --- James


James S L Yong NCS <jslyong@ncs.com.sg>

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