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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 09/06/02

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I, too, am uncertain about the meaning of your term. The reason I'm
sending you a note is that in one program I facilitate, heavy reliance is
made on CLDs (causal loop diagrams) as one tool to manage decision risk.

Among the companies with whom I have worked, the complex CLDs generated by
the management team illustrate integration of many and varied internal and
external (to the company) elements. While I don't think the multiple,
connected loops constitute "treble-loop" learning, I will observe that in
each session I have conducted, the teams have generated very impressive,
multi-loop diagrams -- more than three, to be sure!

I think Rick has posted the article I wrote last spring in the CQM Journal
in which I describe this application.

[Host's Note: Barry's article "Managing Decision Risk The ARMED Decision
Process" is at ..Rick]

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