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Date: 09/06/02

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Dear Trudie:

Here is my own interpretation of single/double/triple loop learning:

Single-loop learning is learning in the sensory perception sense of the
term. It amounts to the use of existing knowledge in response to
experiences we have in life.

Double-loop learning involves knowledge making. We engage in double-loop
learning whenever we determine that our existing knowledge is inadequate
or incomplete, again in response to experiences we have in life.

Triple-loop learning involves the development of new knowledge about how
to engage in double-loop learning. It is double-loop learning about
double-loop learning. As Argyris & Schon point out in the their book
(Organizational Learning II), this kind of learning is similar to what
Gregory Bateson referred to as "deuterolearning," or "learning how to

Hope this helps.



G M Steyn wrote:

>Is there someone who can help me with the concept 'treble loop learning'?
>I am quite familiar with single and double loop but have not encountered
>this concept. From comments on my article it seems to be from the authors
>Senge and Agyris, but the resources I have consulted delivered nothing.


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