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Date: 09/22/02

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Dennis Rolleston writes in LO29131, in reply to Dan Chay:
>> Do people on this list know how other peoples/cultures incorporate the
>> idea of forgiveness into their indigenous methods for dealing with
>> conflict? I have a vague understanding that the Hawaiians incorporate a
>> forgiveness ritual into their native conflict resolution process,
>> ho'o'ponopono.

> The Hawaiians are Polynesians like us (Maori). Without too much
> difficulty we would be able to decipher what each, speaking in their own
> language, was saying, and many of our customs and legends are similar, yet
> I know nothing in our Maori history of forgiveness. I know marriages were
> arranged between our tribes to lessen the impact of conflict but in
> general we "lived to fight another day". Very much like the peoples of
> Europe;-)

One of the joys of being on this list is the occasional insights into the
ways of being (and becoming) of cultures other than the few I'm surrounded

As a minor contribution: I did a Google search for ho'o'ponopono and got
1770 hits! I went through the first couple of pages, and found two URLs
that seemed to convey the idea best: (Section 12) (A number of articles on
the subject)

I don't have much to say about my own reactions to what I've read on these
sites. I'll admit that one quick reaction was "it sounds like one of the
treasure maps that At has warned about", but I've gotten wise enough not
to let that be my judgment. I think I'll file it for now; I have this
strange impression that it'll pop up again, and I'll understand it better.


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