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Date: 09/26/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Don Dwiggins <> writes under
the former Subject: Forgiveness LO29202:

>I don't have much to say about my own reactions to
>what I've read on these sites. I'll admit that one quick
>reaction was "it sounds like one of the treasure maps
>that At has warned about", but I've gotten wise enough
>not to let that be my judgment.

Dear Dwig, perhaps the time has come to study deeper what these treasure
maps" are. Dear fellow learners, if it is not the time, then simply delete
this contribution and leave the issue at rest.

I think we all know what an ordinary treasure map is. It is a map on which
some directions are given. When that directions are followed precisely, a
treasure will be found. These treasure maps are associated with the era of
the pirates on the high seas. The legend has it that almost every captain
of a pirate ship buried a treasure on some deserted island. People spent a
fortune to get hold of such a map and to make a journey to the treasure.
Almost all of these maps proved to be hoaxes.

The "treasure maps" which I have in mind, are something different. They
involve a dream as the treasure and some real token through which
supposedly the dream will also become real. Profuse copies of such a
"treasure map" are made so that as many as possible can buy in on the
"treasure". Individuals or organisations can make them and individuals or
organisations can buy them. Each copy sells for as much as possible. These
"treasure maps" are also advertised heavily. Those who sell such a
"treasure map" boast that they offer the best which money can buy. Those
who buy such a "treasure map" are promised benefits of which most are a
hoax. Yet both sellers and buyers persist with their "treasure maps"
because everybody else seems to do so. And those who do not, are often
perceived as the outcasts of society, no better off than lepers.

Here are some examples. Each is but one from many examples from a
particular walk of life. I cover only some walks of life. Every walk of
life has its many examples. The description of each example is cynical and
perhaps even satiric. It will seem that I am in a destructive mood which
is very unusual to me for those who know me better. However, I merely
describe an issue which I am deeply aware of and which I firmly belief
needs to be resolved.

Consider a religious "treasure map". It states:- buy in on membership of
the religious organisation XYZ, upheld its dogma, perform its rituals, pay
its duties and you will acquire a place in heaven/nirvana/valhalla. Those
who do not are destined for eternal punishment in hell.

Consider a political "treasure map". It states:- buy in on the policy and
ideology of party XYZ, follow faithfully in the footsteps of its leaders
even when it will result in armed conflict, proclaim their promises as the
only path to the best future, organise rallies or huge donations and you
will be a patriot who have done the country a great service. Those who
question the leaders on crucial issues or point out to fallacies which
will lead to a demise are opponents of the state and close to committing
high treason.

Consider an economical "treasure map". It states:- buy in on businesses of
the kind XYZ, see how their sales and shares are booming, participate in
predicting a bright future for them, invest also your time, energy and
capital in them and you will become a rich, successful person. Those who
warn against it as a bubble which will burst are fools who will never self
get anywhere.

Consider a technological "treasure map". It states:- buy in on
technological devices XYZ, see how their automation affords you more
opportunities to do whatever you like, upgrade frequently to the latest
version, buy from an accredited supplier and you will have the most
efficient enterprise possible. Those who avoid technologies which replace
human energy and knowledge so as to create more jobs and a friendly
environment are backwards and jeopardize economical growth.

Consider an educational "treasure map". It states:- buy a book from a
prescribed list on topic XYZ, memorise its information, find applications
for it, pass an examination on it and you will be a master whom everybody
will want to employ. Those who learn by experiences, reflections and
dialogue of the topic XYZ have inferior knowledge.

Consider a health "treasure map". It states:- buy these pills XYZ for any
disease of some kind, make sure a doctor prescribed them, drink it
regularly for a fixed period, avoid overdosing or skipping doses and you
will become healthy again. Anyone who use any other remedy are
irresponsible and will stay afflicted.

Consider a disciplinary "treasure map". It states:- buy in on a discipline
XYZ of a subject, become a member of a respected organisation of that
discipline, do expensive research, publish in journals refereed by peers,
attend international congresses and as an expert you will have done
humankind a great service. Those who work with already existing mountains
of information on many subjects, seeking inter- and transdisciplinary
relationships are merely second hand philosophers, if not downright

I can give further examples which involves clothing, food, housing, sports
gear, hobbies, etc. But I think the above examples may illustrate what I
have in mind. They are not sufficient because a dear fellow learner wrote
to me in private, after I have given him some examples, that he still
cannot form any conception of what these "treasure maps" are. Great as his
learning spirit is, he suspects in his inability to perceive a "treasure
map" that an extraordinary mental model is operating. It might not be a
mental model, but a more serious paradigm fixation requiring a paradigm
shift. Perhaps there are many other fellow learners who feel that I am
merely fed-up with society, criticising severely what is natural to it
without giving any hint to a solution. They have every right to do so.

The general description which I have given in the third paragraph, is
merely one describing the problem. I can give another general description
which will describe the problem on a deeper level of thinking so that it
will suggest the solution. I can also propose my own solution for the
problem. But I rather want us to have an open dialogue on this problem in
its actual context so that we can learn from this dialogue and find
together a solution for it. So, please let us have a dialogue. Let us also
avoid a concussive discussion.

With care and best wishes


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