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Date: 10/04/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes

>At you wrote concerning Newton...
>He also wrote in a similar vein ... "The changing of bodies
>into light, and light into bodies is very comfortable to the
>course of Nature, which seems delighted with transmutations."
>Opticks or A Treatise of the Reflections, Refractions,
>Inflections and Colours of Light, Book III, Pt 1, Query 30

Greetings dear Andrew,

You have solved the riddle.

>You also mention the work of Rupert Sheldrake, can you
>please mail me in private to give me some more info. to
>reflect on that article or book At? I have for about eighteen
>months now been very interested in one form of weak forces;-)
>and/or another regarding Sheldrake's metaphysics, especially
>his angles on angels;-) and one day I hope to share some of
>the images this has educed;-)

You may have a look at for example
< >

>Soft and gentle things...Mmmmmm.
>"God is subtle but he is not malicious." ;-))))))
>Who wrote that At?

The same person who wrote:
"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."
as well as
"God does not care about our mathematical difficulties.
He integrates empirically."

>Today I was driving my motor car and a thought popped
>into my mind. I thought how it was that most people really
>come alive when they appreciate proximity to death.
>Especially so when it is their own death they see close by.
>This can cause metanoia.

What a remarkable thought. One of the wierdest thematic studies which i
undertook in the Bible is what people had to say when knowing that death
is close. They often said most unexpected things so typical of metanoia.
Here is one example. Jacob loved Rachel, but on his death bed he said that
they must bury him with Lea.

>I want to say something and today is a day as good as
>any other to write it down. Dirac wrote "Beauty and truth
>go together in theoretical physics." Prigogine wrote
>"Time precedes existence." I believe that beauty and truth
>go together in art and maybe that is too obvious to say.
>I also believe Time precedes existence and proceeds
>existence too;-)

Already as far back as Socrates he said (according to Plato in phaedrus)
that beauty and truth go together in clear thinking.

As for Prigogine writing "Time precedes existence", it took me a long time
to articulate my tacit knowing self as "becoming precedes being". I try to
think as little as possible in terms of time itself. The reason is that i
then become more aware of a complex stream of becomings which cannot be
reduced into one thing called time. I think that Heraclitus did not own a
watch ;-)

>This for me creates a very great unending circle with
>neither start nor end, in a way it creates in me a vast
>sense of collapse via which anything is possible.

Yes, for me it is the "being" upon its "becoming" which gives rise to the
"becomings" of the next generation -- the grain of corn which has to give
up its existence in the soil to bear eventually in a sheaf many grains of
corn. Organisational learning is to open that sheaf and distribute the new
generation of grains to a new generation of learners.

>As we follow the narrow path that avoids the dramatic
>alternatives of blind laws and arbitrary events, we discover
>that a large part of the concrete world around us has until
>now, slipped through the meshes of the scientific net, to use
>Alfred Northead's expression.

I think not so much of "blind laws and arbitrary events" as of "laws and
events rooted in the tacit or implicate order". It is because of their
tacit roots that these laws seem to be blind and the events to be

>Can we see the circle and make it a globe;-)

Yes, by giving it some "becoming" through spinning it around its diameter.
Spin the coin, Andrew, and you will see the globe, or is it globalisation

>"Light is the architecture of the human spirit." Len McComb RA 1977

Beautifully said.

Cintinue with letting that light shine!

With care and best wishes


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