Mental Models and Change LO29294

From: Andrew, QuaSyLaTic (
Date: 10/10/02

Replying to LO29281 --

>From my own experience and observation, as I am designing and conducting
>various learning programs to managers and senior managers focusing on
>their mental models and behavior, I will to share with you my views and
>models on the above reserach you intend to undertake.

If we imagine a few concentric layers of mental models, with the inner
core the most fundamental for each person, we may begin to see behavior
the resultant of the interacting forces of these layers of mental models.

In most cases, external stimuli or imposed organisation change
initiatives, touch base only with the outer layers of the mental models,
with its corresponding reaction and hence behavior, but the inner core
remains intact. The inner mental models may be the driving force to
intepret the external stimuli, the justified reaction and behavior and
further reinforced the belief system.

Hence it maybe useful to make distinction of the various layers of mental
models at play.


Andrew, QuaSyLaTic


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