Learning and Constructive Creativity in Open Space LO29287

From: Andrew, QuaSyLaTic (andrew@360q.com)
Date: 10/10/02

Replying to LO29282 --

Vana Prewitt wrote:

>I noticed your posting about The World Cafe. I saw Juanita Brown present
>this model at her final oral review at Fielding a couple of years ago and
>will conduct my first one in December. It is a wondeful OL technique.

Appreciate if you should share in what ways OL techniques are applied in
The World Cafe

>I have also used Open Space (studied under Harrison Owen) and find that
>between the two, I like World Cafe better as a way to engage people in
>generating and sharing knowledge, especially tacit. Open Space is a
>better vehicle for getting people in an intact organization to take
>collective action that requires personal commitment and responsibility.

>Unless there is a formal follow-through, however, Open Space has the
>tendency to become just another brainstorming session with a
>disappointing outcome (i.e.: nothing gets done with a lot of great

My own experience and observation on Open Space ...

Plus points :
   Law of the two feet ...

is good in the sense that people are free to move to topics they like,
discussion they find useful or stimulating (otherwise they leave)..

However, what is important is the QUALITY of CONVERSATION taking place in
each group, whether there is genuine dialogue - good balance of advocay
and inquiry.

The Open Space I witnessed showed same pattern of behaviour, albeit
intereting topics - e.g. domineering charater steal all the air time,
strong advocay by a few, no body listens to nobody .....

What are your views?


Andrew, QuaSyLaTic


"Andrew, QuaSyLaTic" <andrew@360q.com>

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