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From: Glebe Stcherbina (
Date: 10/13/02

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Dear Alfred and fellow OrgLearners,

Thank you for your response to At's list of different types of learning. I
was not shocked by At's list as it is indicative of what learning is all
about. Once we identify a new approach to learning, we label it and
segment as we would with different categories of consumer markets.

Using your imagination, compare learning with any other activity that you
may routinely undertake in your lives. Firstly identify your activity and
from a baseline position, list all the different ways you can undertake
this activity. You will be probably find that through experience and over
time you may vary the way you undertake this activity or you might even
take a different approach to undertaking the activity all together.
Irrespective of what this activity is, it requires some form of learning
to take place. You will find that you may have a list as long as At's.

I do agree with Alfred on one point, some types of learning are labelled
in such a way to help push the wheelbarrow of those consultants, managers
and others who would benefit financially the most by others adopting the
"flavour of the month" approach of learning.

However, in the long run, learning is transformational, you more we learn
about learning, the more we can identify its uses in any given situation.
Learners want to know what they are learning and if a label helps to
achieve that for them, all the better we become as learners.

Best wishes,

Glebe Stcherbina

Alfred Rheeder wrote:

> The list you mentioned shocked me. Isn't the list indicative of the
> reversible abyss of the information paradigm? How often aren't these
> "kinds of learning" used/applied and "marketed" as treasure maps - the one
> answer to our problems? Just follow the guidelines by the book. What is
> happening to the art of learning?
> Here in South Africa we have become obsessed with outcome-based learning
> (for schools) which is the flavour of the month. Unfortunately we do not
> seem to be aware that the new system lack in complexity to deal with the
> reality. In 10 years time I wonder what the flavour of the month will
> be.......


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