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Date: 10/15/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > quotes:
the following by Jeff Gates...
>"Democracies "show up" in the give-and-take of civic
>discourse. The capacity for ongoing dialogue is the
>measure of a democracy's robustness as a system meant
>to operate as a marketplace of ideas.
>Dialogue is the domain where values are prioritized and
>meaning is made.

Greetings dear Andrew,

Learning Organisations, Open Spaces, World Cafes, Powwows, Indabas, you
name it -- they all rely on the dialogue to sustain creativity and promote
learning. By exchanging thoughts in a convival spirit rather than
battering each other with expert opinions, we learn how much we have in

Indaba is the Zulu word for a gathering in which important events are
discussed and consensus reached on crucial issues. The word is well known
and used in South Africa, but otherwise it seems to be rather unknown.

>It was something about recent evil events and the last
>sentence that caught me in its own net, so to speak.
>"Democracies succeed to the extent that they evoke
>those relationships required to ensure that the system
>grants influence to those its operations influence." And
>I wonder if, if it is a glint of light.

This is an important point. Far too many people are influenced by a system
in which they have no say. It is then when civilisation begins to crumble.

With care and best wishes


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