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From: AM de Lange (
Date: 10/16/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbel < > writes:

>I commend another 'sentiment' from an imperfect man.
>"What self-centred men have torn down, other-centred
>men can build up." Martin Luther King.
>I, for one, like the idea if taking aside some self-centred
>men and turning them upside down inside out into
>other-centred men.

Greetings dear Andrew,

But then you do not have a demoracy anymore! They will have to do it
themselves. Your only task is to provide an environment by which it
becomes possible for them to do it on own steam!

However, to provide such an environment, you will have to know how and why
they have become self-centred in the first place. What do you think, dear

With care and best wishes


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