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Date: 10/17/02

Replying to LO29331 --

Dear LO,

At questions my motivation by pointing out my self contradiction...

I want to keep at this thread for a while in public. I also want in the
light of dark events in Bali to dedicate my learning today (such as it is)
to the Australians who were savaged so brutally. "Advance Australia Fair"

>>I, for one, like the idea of taking aside some self-centred
>>men and turning them upside down...inside out into
>>other-centred men.

>Greetings dear Andrew,

>But then you do not have a democracy anymore! They will have to do
>it themselves. Your only task is to provide an environment by
>which it becomes possible for them to do it on own steam!
>However, to provide such an environment, you will have to know
>how and why they have become self-centred in the first place.
>What do you think, dear Andrew?

Mmmmm ;-)

"...there are two types of truth: superficial truth and deep truth. In a
superficial truth, the opposite is false. In a deep truth, the opposite is
also true."
Nils Bohr

"The brighter the light, the darker the shadows. When I have had even a minor
spiritual awakening, I suddenly see shadows that I didn't see before because
the light has gotten brighter." Robert Dilts

Both the quotes above lead me, for one, back to Jung.

I guess, in my imagination, I was with a group of 'volunteers'. People who
had woken up in their world (as many appeared to have done the nmorning of
9/11) to the gathering dark and wanted to learn themselves into a
possibility space of light.

I keep getting stuck in my own head on the word democracy. What is
'democracy' today. I think we know what we want, like, enjoy and
celebrate, but are those things necessary to a democracy? Maybe it, like
'light' is a continuum.

Mmmmm ;-)

Funny you say ' do it under (their) own steam..' ..heat, pressure,
temperature, tempo, tempus, temperamental...;-) temper ;-))))))))

I just finished translating a contribution from English to French for
Djemila. The title of The light of the Dark becomes ;-) 'La Lumiere dur
Sombre' that darkness and emotion are connected, as light is as
obviously connected. Light and dark for artists is about relationships.
Maybe we have to soften the high points and low points in life. Settle for
less personal wealth and power ...offer people some 'retreats' to
'reflect' upon 'creative collapses' ;-) where less can be more

One of the first things I was shown in front of a Cezanne at the Courtauld
Institute in London, in front of a 'still life' (nature morte), I think,
was that the very white of the table cloth was, compared to a bit of white
paper held up in front of it, quite a muted cream. But the relationships
of tone and hue had created in the 'mid tone' a 'sense' of light not
actually 'there'. Vermeer does the same thing. Rembrandt can make a 'mid
tone' in a golden hue appear like a domestic 60 W lightbuld...In other
words, many, many great paintings seem to emanate a light that is in
'fact' not there. It is like an aura. Perhaps there are better words or
metaphors, this one springs to mind. Indeed, many great sculptures and
buildings have the same 'holding light' 'releasing light' quality to them.
Len I know would have talked in terms of 'vibrations'. da Vinci actually
stated he could see them. I will try and get the actual folio reference.

At, didn't the Greeks say some important things about 'moderation',
'balance', and 'harmony'?

If we face the world 'le monde' as a whole, is it a democracy in the
round? St Francis according to some not the artists was the father of the
Renaissance...St. Francis got it all wrong at first didn't he At? Didn't
he frantically go round trying to build a church in stone on his
hill...and in good time a 'voice' said...'Francis, I did not mean you to
build me a church of stone, but of faith...' something like that and it
got turned;-) into...' Put your faith not so much into the building, but
rather in the Builder.' Helping people to surrender through deepening
relationships, in dialogues of many colours and creeds, might be a way out
of an impasse that seems through recent events to encircle the globe.

I have a question for Saddam Hussein.

President Hussein, What do you really, truly want?




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