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Date: 10/16/02

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Lee McCartney asks:

"I'm interested in finding out if anybody is familiar with other
research/experiments/Journals that specifically measure mental models and
how they effect managers ability to cope with change.

Lee see:

Metaphors and meaning; A grounded cultural model of us entrepreneurship
 Journal of Business Venturing, Volume 17, Issue 5, September 2002, Pages
 Sarah Drakopoulou Dodd


A grounded cultural model of US entrepreneurship is developed by analysing
the metaphors that entrepreneurs use to give meaning to entrepreneurship
in their life-and-business narratives. The resultant cultural model is
coherent and internally consistent, and is helpful in providing stronger
insights into entrepreneurs' own perspectives, aspirations, and cognition
of the entrepreneurial process. Close to Schumpeter's conception of the
entrepreneur, it nevertheless contains elements that are markedly
American, and can be contrasted both with European mental models of
entrepreneurship, and metaphorically derived models of organisational
behaviour. Author Keywords: Metaphor; Entrepreneur; Culture; USA

Source: Workshop Notes from 1) Introduction to business development; and
2) Designing winning business models -two of the workshops from a set of
nine 2-day workshops on Business Development for Seneca College in Toronto
which I'm developing.

Walter Derzko


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