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Date: 10/16/02

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> Vana, the crucial issue here is that once the wisdom gets documented,
> it is not LIVING wisdom anymore, but merely DEAD information.
> What is needed is living interaction between the wise and the unwise
> such that learning is promoted.

I certainly agree with this statement. My only thought in the matter is
that in doing NOTHING to document or capture the wisdom of the past,
organizations are certainly doomed to repeat their failures and miss
opportunities. I would never equate information with knowledge or wisdom,
but believe that continuous sharing of valuable organizational wisdom
through storytelling and similar means keeps certain knowledge in a living
format. It is transferred into the organizational knowledge base through
living legends. Obviously, all worthwhile knowledge cannot be transferred
in this format, but we are certainly missing more opportunities than
should be missed in absorbing the wisdom of those who have already learned
the hard lessons in our organizations.

There is no perfect solution as long as we live in a mortal world.
Knowledge and wisdom resides in people. People move on. They die.
Certain things die with them...but not ALL knowledge must die. Some can
be retained and passed on through others. The question I am posing is
whether any organization is seeking to do this systematically,
deliberately, and strategically.

kind regards,

Vana Prewitt


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