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From: Glebe Stcherbina (
Date: 10/16/02

Replying to LO29320 --

Dear Alfred and fellow Orglearners,

Thank you for your response. I take your point regarding :

It is not as much the list of different types of learning that bothers me.
I am concerned about the fact that when a specific type of learning is
described it more than often do not indicate how it relates to other types
of learning and how other types of learning relates to it.

Perhaps we can look at another way. There may be only one type of learning
which is the sum total of an individual's activities in order to gain
knowledge, store it and harvest it progressively in order to fulfill one's
purpose in life. As individuals we take different paths in order to learn,
some of these paths are quite distinct and can be easily identified while
others end up looking like a maze. How we find our way out of this maze of
learning depends upon how well we understand the direction we are taking
in our learning journey. Those types of learning which are identified by
At maybe merely sign posts.

Moreover when you stated:

>Yes, Glebe I agree that there is different ways of learning, however my
>list will be alot shorter than At's. My short list is not indicative of
>patterns that correspond to simplistic and reductionistic thinking.

I cannot dispute your own set of circumstances but someone like yourself
may have had journey of learning and can easily identify specific learning
styles whereas others may be still working through the maze as indicated

Thank you and best wishes,

Glebe Stcherbina


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