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Date: 10/18/02

Replying to LO29343 --

Dear Dileep and LO,

Dileep wrote a long and interesting post for At to respond to. I was
personally struck by this, which you wrote,

> I have held this view for a long time , perhaps five years or more when I
> drew a picture showing knowledge in heads being externalised as
> Information and then re-internalised as new knowledge in another head. I
> was happy with this until about two days ago and the I looked at your
> essay which I always read with interest and respect. However, I am
> beginning to have some doubts and I thought I might comment on some of
> your points in a constructive manner (I hope that is how it comes across).
> Your essay is quite long, so the response will have to be. Please bear
> with me.
> Here goes:-

I often wonder, where is my 'home' ...( for non UK Learners, the Abbey
National is a leading new British bank that was formerly and more
exclusively a Building Society and now being both. Building Societies
mainly issued loans for house purchase and not much else - correct any
mistakes here please Dileep...and this morning they announced a new CEO
because they have been having a hard time of it 'profits wise' -so, good
luck to you all at the Abbey National Dileep ;-)

Etymological note, "Mortgage": 'dead pledge' ;-(

Dear Dileep -- your mentioning of a drawing of two heads implied to me a
paradox of ownership, applying to all our information/knowledge systems.
And reminded me in turn of this amazing painting that was created on a
novel systemic course I initiated for staff at a company's in house
University some years ago. Unipart U, Oxford. The original title that I
offered up to the image was 'Collecting Wisdom from the Organisation for
the Organisation' it was a reflection upon my personal perception of the
loss of the wisdom the artist (actually their marketing director, Patrick
F'...) who was about to leave the company. More than that it was also
strangely connected to some contemporary research at Southampton
University. The archaeological scholars there had done some field work ;-)
into some neolithic carving in low relief on stones set into the ground.
The scholarship was that these stones articulated at a variety of
interconnected locations constituted a sign language of a limited number
of forms, zig-zags and, most poetically for me, starcup motifs. (Hence the
new title in the image file;-)

[Host's Note: Andrew provided an image for this msg; it is at


The theory is that these stones pointed the ways and means for pilgrims;-)
in the widest sense to secure food, shelter and protection on journeys
into the otherwise unknown.

When I took an American friend recently to such a neolithic superhighway,
ostensibly to see a 'white horse' of about the same period (the one near
Wantage), he was being 'connected up' by Andrew. Below us we also had, set
into the corn, a spiral motif, but almost unique in its design;-) (Yes, we
have a photo;-)...resonances? ;-) Morphic Fields? Collective Memory?
Mmmmmmm. My own view is that organisations are stuffed to the gunnels with
information, are desperate to convert it into capacity for action, are
terrified of current conditions (including their own) and so, imho are
rigidly unable to secure the fecundity that wisdom releases in all people.
Well, look at the file when you have a moment...what does it tell you? We
have a stone birdbath, if at night you look into it you see your face
reflected there with the stars and if you blow upon the water surface not
only do the stars ripple and diffuse themselves but so of course does ones
face to the same tempo;-)...and it as if, in my imagination, the stone,
the water, the face, the stars and the vast vault that they are in are my
only home. After a while the disturbed surface-appearance regains its
former wholeness, and I take what I saw and look into the eyes of my
beloved 'Bucket',...and I see a new wisdom, and he 'knows' his 'home' is
in my gaze. In whose gaze is 'our' home, Dileep? In whose home is 'our'
gaze, At?



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