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Date: 10/18/02

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Dear Organlearners,

I wrote:

>This is what the Learning Organisation is about -- learning
>side by side rather than pushing bits of information on paper
>or by computers about. I seldom become angry, but my vice
>is that i become raving mad when a leader/manager says
>"give them this or that document so that they can learn and
>thus become useful". I have often torpedoed what could have
>become otherwise a learning event by losing my temper on
>this "learning by document" issue. My tollerance for it is zero.
>Yet I participate on this list. Am I not a two faced mongrel?

upon which Rick replied:

>[Host's Note: No, At, you are NOT a two-faced mongrel! ..Rick]

Greetings dear Rick,

The difference between writing and talking is intense for me. When, for
example, Alfred Rheeder and i get together, we cover in an hour of
dialogue what cannot be done in 24 hours of writing. Furthermore, we both
experience distinctively what Goethe called "Steigerung" -- a zig-zag like
string of connected emergences. On the one-hand it is a thrill, but on the
other hand it is tiring, zapping one's free energy to the very end.

I miss this in writing. That is what i meant by a two face mongrel. What i
write and what i know is just not the same thing. A dialogue through
writing is by far not the same as one through talking. When talking, the
knowledge of each person participating in the dialogue is interacting
immediately with that of every other person. There is no delay as in
writing. There is also face-to-face contact, indicating visually how the
dialogue is proceeding in wholeness and the other 7Es. I will be a two
faced mongrel if i do not stress this immense difference for me between
talking and writing.

What do you say, Alfred?
With care and best wishes


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