Mental Models and Change LO29389

Date: 10/24/02

Replying to LO29376 --

Lets try and think of mental Models systemically rather than trying to
analyze the intricacies of management personalities and decision making.

We all have behaviors and views of the world that are learned throughout
our life. This learnt behavior, where a vast majority sits in our
subconscious, could be described as an internal motor that drives our
decision making, opinions and assumptions. "This is know as our Mental

The systemic problem lies in the fact that "as Senge puts it" our Mental
Models are often way out of sync with reality. It becomes a problem when
we wrongly suspect a boss of not caring about our ideas or in our family
lives when we incorrectly believe our children are out participating in
illegal substances.

If we get bogged down in the analysis of defining Mental Models we forget
to see the big picture and the true meaning.

Lee Mccartney
Masters Student Org Learning
Suffolk University
Boston, MA


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