LO is an idea or goal? LO29473

From: Ong, Peck Hwan - ONGPH001 (Peck.Ong@postgrads.unisa.edu.au)
Date: 11/08/02


Learning Organization is an ideal rather than an achievable goal???
Field (1995) argues that it is an ideal. What do you all think?

How achievable is the learning organisation model in today's

Any opinions : )


[Host's Note: On our home page http://www.learning-org.com, I say, "Are
there any examples of Learning Organizations? Yes, but the Learning
Organization is an ideal, a vision. Various organizations or parts of
organizations achieve this in varying degree." ..Rick]


"Ong, Peck Hwan - ONGPH001" <Peck.Ong@postgrads.unisa.edu.au>

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