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From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 11/18/02

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Hello Ong, reader,

"Look what a fine mess you have got us into again". O. Hardy.

We - as a people - make sense of this world by interacting and
communicating. In doing so we make up all kinds of ideas, thoughts,
feelings, concepts and act as if they really exist. When these
communications and attributions - and especially these acts - are not
explicitly denied, we assume that they "are real". We want, need, things
that are "real" so we want to have them, keep them, strive for them.
Let's call this learning. We attribute, project our wants, needs, feelings
on others - including other people and groups. In a way, we create, enact
an ideal. Let's call this organizing. So - and this is my 'tribution -
learning organisations are not only a goal and an ideal - we are the
learning organizations.

I tend to use it as a metaphore, a vessel, and - as we say in Dutch: "de
kruik gaat zo lang te water totdat ie barst" - you can use it 'til it

Fine regards,


Ong, Peck Hwan - ONGPH001 wrote:

>Learning Organization is an ideal rather than an achievable goal???
>Field (1995) argues that it is an ideal. What do you all think?
>How achievable is the learning organisation model in today's


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