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From: systhinc Zavacki (
Date: 11/12/02

Replying to LO29464 --

   Even though bandwidth is no longer a problem for most, some may still
   have problems opening large messages, large collections of electrons
   containing information, which when opened may stimulate learning, and
   may even lead to knowledge.......

   In the last ten or so messages, we have visited space, time, and the
   21st Century Library. It does amuse me that I can hold in my hand the
   contents of five years of writing, correspondence, calculation,
   speculation, and intellectualization. But as well as we have
   exploited the electron to convert language to electron and back again,
   we still have no excellent algorithms for the translation of one human
   language to another. Why do we think this is?? Can it be the
   cultural differences in thinking about training vs education vs
   learning vs knowledge?? Or is it simply that the combination of words
   in phrases and sentences, even outside of the social context (but is
   there really anything outside of the social ! ! ! ! context?) is

   It's a better day in Ohio without the funnels.

   John Zavacki
   "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended
   up where I intended to be."
   -Douglas Adams


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