Entropy, Learning Styles and the corporate wars LO29477

From: Pixie Delite (pixie_delite@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/10/02

Hi all!

It has been long since I have even had the opportunity to make time to
read some of the postings in the chain. I can tell you sincerely that I
miss the nutrition I received here.

Just read a reply Mr. de Lange had given to someone else but using my
learning style and entropy -- referring to me as a young timer! It was
about 2 years ago. Am 27 now. How time flies! I can assure you I was not
offended, rather you helped me answer a question that I have been mulling
over lately every night -- losing sleep.

At the moment, I am going through hell at work.

One of the 20 odd issues at work -- was about my learning style -- and the
products that result.

During performance review, I was told in a very annoying tone from my boss
how he is tired of me approaching things differently all the time from
everyone else.

As an example he brought up how once he had asked me to do a simple risk
template for the team. He went on to say how I had made the task into a
project and done a detailed plan, workplan, template, theory, background
etc. paper on it! He questioned my reasoning behind such an elaborate
display over a simple task. To which, I sincerely replied "Well I was
thinking about the whole template in its context, the complete picture and
long term use. I wanted to be sure that e.g. if I left tomorrow from this
job, whoever comes in can see the template and actually know in what
context it was written, what was the motivation behind it, what the
situation was, and who had input into it. This might help in also evolving
the risk template if needed. It would also help in review of the process
taken to come up with the template if someone say in 5 years time wants to
find out how this came about. Plus, from personal experience, I hate it
when a predecessor leaves a piece of work with no context and you have to
try and figure out what the hell it is and what the hell you are supposed
to do with it. My boss clearly continued to show his unhappiness about my
method for a simple task where he wanted me to not think at all and just

I still maintained my position by stating that it does not take me any
extra time (took me the same 30 minutes or so as the template) -- in the
same amount of time that someone would take to do just a template, I did
the whole paper on the template (as a reference booklet thing) because my
brain is geared to think that way and thus does not need to gather
momentum etc. It did not take away from time that should be "saved" for
more important projects that are a part of my job description.

After reading what Mr. de Lange had to say, I have been trying to think
why this has been a conflict as far back as Grade 1 for me when I was 4. I
guess it is the way my brain works. Never sees anything "on its own". I
think if it even stopped a minute to think about anything "in its singular
nature", it would go to sleep and not perform the task out of share
boredom and laziness and lack of connectedness. It almost needs to think
beyond because only in its complete use and busy-ness does it carry out a
task. It is confusing furthermore to me when people call it a project --
because maybe for them to go so far and deep into an action is linked to a

The fundamental definition of what a task is to me and to most others I
have encountered is quite different. For me a task is answering the
immediate in a short time in its complete wholeness. For most that ends up
being a project. For me, a project is the operational version of the task.
Its almost like a task is the blueprint and project the execution of it
all for me.

Anyhow, like I was saying, the whole entropy explanation did make sense
and helped me to understand better that I am not a loser or an incompetent
employee ( I think?). I am about to leave this job anyhow as, being part
of corporate management, I find myself in constant conflict with the
environment, the ethos and the non-learning organisation attitudes (and
not to mention upper management).

More later

Glad to be back. Will try my best to maintain my presence and read up on
all the interesting feasts on the chain.

Ms. Joy Vatsyayann
Alias pixie delite
New Zealand

[Host's Note: Welcoem back, Joy! ..Rick]


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