Entropy, Learning Styles and the corporate wars LO29489

From: Alfred Rheeder (alfred@pvm.co.za)
Date: 11/12/02

Replying to LO29477 --

Good day Joy. Welcome back!

> At the moment, I am going through hell at work.

Joy it seems you are heading for a bifurcation.... Sorry to hear if it's
causing you hurt.

> During performance review, I was told in a very annoying tone from my boss
> how he is tired of me approaching things differently all the time from
> everyone else.

I have had similar experiences. I believe the quicker you learn and the
more complex your thinking bocomes the higher the probability that you
will have similar future experiences. I have often wondered whether it is
a blessing or a curse. One thing is for certain your otherness will often
bother other people increasingly. Initially I let the environment dictate
- in the process constraining my liveness - only to cause me much greater
harm later.

Thinking of you.

Alfred Rheeder


Alfred Rheeder <alfred@pvm.co.za>

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