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Date: 11/18/02

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Dear Organlearners,

Leo Minnigh <> writes:

>I think that you will agree that I do not like a discussion
>on definitions. Through dialogue and things not said, one
>could also build a picture.

Greetings dear Leo,

That makes two of us. A definition always has a history to it. In many
cases the definition puts an end to any further development of the
concept, sometimes for a very long time.

>What I understood from your words is that if a tacit and
>hidden mental organisation is formed and based on signs,
>signals and information (outside the person in question),
>it is something else than a MM. My reaction to this
>observation could be: "Is there any tacit, or other knowledge
>inside a person which is not (partly) built on information?" I
>doubt. We (humankind) live not in an isolated universe, we
>are part of it.

The "wholeness of knowledge" has been intriguing me for several weeks now.
I am writing an essay on it and it makes me think a lot. I think in terms
of this wholeness that we cannot point to definite parts of our knowledge
which have not been influenced by human created information. The problem
is that such information can deform and fragment knowledge so that it
becomes dysfunctional.

>And this means that numerous links exist between a person
>with his/her surroundings. These links are already present
>from the very moment of birth (and even during the prenatal

Is it not strange. Our living depends on some degree of wholeness, but in
our thinking we hardly give wholeness any thought. I think that Mental
Models (MMs) exist in the mind as a result of seeking too little wholeness
between what we know so far and any "parcel" of information we have to
deal with. I have spent many hours reading Jan Smuts' (of holism fame)
writings to see if he had any definite MMs. I could not find any.

With care and best wishes


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