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From: syntagm (
Date: 11/22/02

Replying to LO29546 --

Dear LO-ers

I once read something Peter Senge said in an interview, and never forgot it.
I may have a word or two out of place but the essence remains:

When a child fails to learn it is tragic
when and organisation fails to learn it is fatal.

Check out the FORTUNE 500 in successive 10 year periods and yes! it is
simplistic to suggest all the missing companies failed to learn perhaps
some did?

kind LO regards

chris k

>From: "Mark W. McElroy" <>
> I guess I disagree with this, as I do to all other claims that seem to
> suggest that not all organizations are learning organizations. I believe
> that all organizations are learning organizations, though some are more
> prolific at learning than others. To test my claim, can anyone provide
> me/us with examples of organizations that do NOT learn?


"syntagm" <>

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